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1  Choose Your Screening Method:

Full Screening Report

Best Value

$39.99  (paid by applicant)

Combined credit report, score, and background check.

Credit Report

$24.99  (paid by applicant)

Includes a full credit report, credit score, detailed payment history, and debt overviews.
View example report

Provided by  Experian

Background Check

$24.99  (paid by applicant)

National and county criminal history, eviction, and public records search.
View example report

Provided by  Checkr

2  Enter Your Applicant’s Information

We’ll send applicants an email request to run their own report.

By requesting or viewing applicant credit reports or background check reports, you agree to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and any applicable state laws governing the use of consumer reports. You further agree that you are requesting or viewing such reports solely for the purpose of prospective tenant screening, and for no other purpose. To the extent you rely in any way on the contents of a report in taking an adverse action against an applicant (such as denying an application or requiring a co-signer or higher deposit), you are required to furnish the applicant with an adverse action notice as described in this document, even if the contents of the report played only a small role in your decision.

3  Create Your Free Account

We require an account for security – you’ll need to sign in to view any shared reports.

How does this work?

When you request a credit report or background check, we send an email request to your applicants. They’ll be prompted to create a Cozy account and securely enter their information to verify their identity.

Once verified, they can run and pay for their own screening reports and share the results with you. We’ll notify you by email when reports have been shared.

To view reports, you’ll need to verify your identity with Experian to ensure that these reports are being viewed by an authorized individual. ID verification requires that you have a credit history, and don’t have a freeze on your credit file with Experian.


The best online tenant screening tools


All you need is your applicant’s name and email address. We’ll take care of everything else. Your applicants will pay for their own reports, so you don’t need to collect checks or money orders from them.


We’ll let you know the minute that your applicants’ reports are ready via email. It takes just a few minutes for them to verify their identities, and typically results are instant.


No need to collect or store applicants’ Social Security numbers. We’ll take care of verifying identities, and we don’t store any information locally.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Credit Reports include?

Credit reports come directly from the Experian, the industry leader in credit reporting. They include a Credit Score, a Credit Summary (including monthly payment amounts and debt types), as well as detailed Payment History information.

What do Background Checks include?

Our background checks are run by Checkr, a modern provider of background reports. They search national and county records for criminal and eviction history, including sex offender lists, and terrorist watchlists.

What is Cozy?

Cozy is simple, end-to-end rental management software for landlords and tenants. Applicant Screening. Online rent payments. More. Learn more about Cozy.

Do you share my email address with applicants?

No. When you request a credit report form someone, we’ll tell them your first and last name only. We do not share your email address.

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