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Cozy property listings make good things happen

Market your rental for free

Help your property stand out with a Cozy listing that includes a gallery of photos, lease terms, amenities, and pet policies.

Accept applications

Each Cozy listing has a built-in rental application, so you can collect and store applications online. No need to store sensitive info on paper.

Screen applicants

Request background checks and credit reports from prospective tenants at no charge to you.

Share your listing anywhere

Once you create your listing, you can share it with anyone. Reach even more renters by posting the listing on our partner sites for free.

All your Cozy listings in one place

Show all your available rentals in a Listings Gallery and create a custom URL so you can share it anywhere.

Set your rent price with confidence

Purchase a Rent Estimate and get a recommended rent amount for your property based on comparable rentals in the area.

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Are you charging the right amount for rent?

Maximize your earning potential. For , get a detailed Rent Estimate that shows a recommended rent amount for your unit based on similar rentals in your area.

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This recommendation is based on comparable rentals in the area.

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Applicant Screening Tools

Screening reports are FREE for landlords. Applicants pay $24.99 per report, or $39.99 if they run both ($9.99 savings). Find qualified tenants by requiring screening reports from all applicants.

To view reports, you’ll need to verify your identity with Experian to ensure that these reports are being viewed by an authorized individual. ID verification requires that you have a credit history, and don’t have a freeze on your credit file with Experian.

All applicants will be prompted to submit a credit report with their application. Includes a credit score, detailed payment history, and debt overviews.

View a sample credit report

All applicants will be prompted to run a background check as part of their application.

View a sample background check

Total cost for applicants: $

By requesting or viewing applicant credit reports or background check reports, you agree to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and any applicable state laws governing the use of consumer reports. You further agree that you are requesting or viewing such reports solely for the purpose of prospective tenant screening, and for no other purpose. To the extent you rely in any way on the contents of a report in taking an adverse action against an applicant (such as denying an application or requiring a co-signer or higher deposit), you are required to furnish the applicant with an adverse action notice as described in this document, even if the contents of the report played only a small role in your decision.
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